How to Quick Fix A Broken Keyboard Keys

A while ago, my friend had a little accident. His water bottle fell into his laptop keyboard while he was away, thus resulting in some keys on his keyboard to stop functioning. Panicking, he asks me how much does a laptop keyboard costs, which is quite expensive for a student’s pocket. To make it worse he has an assignment due for the afternoon.

What To Do

If you read this article with a problem similar to that, there are a few things you can do as a workaround, without buying a new keyboard.

Option One: Use Virtual Keyboard

First, you can opt for a virtual keyboard. Windows already has this feature installed by default. You can access it by typing On-Screen Keyboard on taskbar search (or just press Winkey + s for a shortcut).

Now you can click on your virtual keyboard key to replace your broken keys.

This workaround is good for a short term solution like writing a short essay, but any more than that would just make you work slower.

Option Two: Remap Your Keyboard Key

Now I prefer this approach as this will help you type without the need to touch your mouse.

I do this by installing 3rd party software, though do not worry it is free, open-source, and you even can uninstall it after remapping your keyboard, so it won’t bloat your system.

The software is called SharpKeys by randyrants. Here is the link to download the latest release.

How To Remap Your Keyboard Using SharpKeys

Using SharpKeys is simple enough, Here, the steps are taken from their documentation.

  1. Launch SharpKeys, by selecting its icon from the Start menu.
  2. Add a new key mapping or edit an existing one Click “Write to registry” and wait for a confirmation that the registry was successfully updated.
  3. Close SharpKeys and either log out (and back in) or reboot to enforce the new mappings.

And if you run into trouble you can always refer to their F.A.Q


These are some quick fixes that I try while helping to fix my friend’s keyboard. There is probably another solution that would work better per case. But I hope sharing this method would help anyone with a similar case to solve their problems.